How should a Girl ask Guy to marry?

My boyfriend and I Always talk about getting married and starting our lives. The reason he hasn't asked yet is because I told him I wanted him to ask me sometime around our next vacation in february where I know it will be romantic. But I want to Surprise him and ask him instead. But I need tips on how to ask my 22 year old boyfriend to marry me. Something cool but slightly romantic at the same time. I was thinking about leaving notes around telling him to go different places and the last stop would be me but idk. HELP PLEASE!

My boyfriend Is a roofer and hard wood floorer. He loves basketball and football. And he's very odd cause he loves I mean LOVES yard work. He loves his truck and will wash it even in the middle of winter. HE also loves The water, mainly the lake near us
he owns his own business too


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  • I think that's a really cute idea. What kind of a guy is he? What are his hobbies? If you give us some clues to the type of person he is, we may be able to think of something special.

    I would love for my boyfriend to propose to me at home. not out at some fancy restaurant with a bunch of strangers. I don't think it's very romantic. It's not as personal, ya know? That's my thing, though. Everyone is different.

  • Do you both watch movies together if so then what you could do is get the most romantic movie you can find , my favorite is , "A Walk To Remember" and while you are watching the movie you can have strawberry's to dip in chocolate and give them to him after the movie is over and as you give them to him you can ask him to answer a question for you that's when you can ask him to marry you.