If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?


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  • Reminds me of the Steve Martin Holiday Sketch on Saturday Night Live.

    "If I had one wish that I could wish for this season, it would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together. in the spirit of harmony and peace.

    If I had two wishes for this season, the first would be for all the children of the world to join hands and sing together. in the spirit of harmony and peace. and the second would be for 30 million dollars a month to be given. to me. Tax free, in a Swiss bank account."

    Actually, I'd do 4 million a year, tax free. I'm not greedy like Steve Martin. I've got simple pleasures. ;)

    Mainly with the money, a lot of my problems would fix themselves. With the money, I could care lees about the stable job thing, because I'm already responsible and hard working, so.

    I would invest in my own company.

    I'd get an office on my own, a house, (close by to the office).

    With my own place, and my own office, then I'd focus on my body and start working out more, get a lot healthier, and start getting more muscular.

    I could also afford more classes, and do more interesting things.

    Of course, then I could give more to charity.

    Maybe then, after all that gets set up, women would find me more appealing.

    2) I wish I was taller. I'm 5'7, and short. Now if I were 6'0 to 6'5, I'd be considered a lot more attractive. And there along with the working out, I'd be a lot more intimidating looking. People probably would try to mess with me as much as they try now.

    3) Better looking.

    • Well, money isn't everything, everybody that has told me there wishes have money included in there wish. Also why would you want to be better looking you want to be you, not some one else. You should love the way you look doesn't matter what people think about you. There will come a time that some one is going to walk by you (a girl) and there going to love you for you. Looks aren't everything ok boo. Remember that and when you feel like looks are everything write to me on how you feel. I'm here.

    • Looks aren't everything to me but they sure as heck matter to a lot of people. I just wish I wasn't considered repulsive by most people.

      I've got a good personality, but couldn't get a date if my life depended on it, so obviously, personality is not doing anything. I get very little common courtesy from girls my age.

      Likewise, money isn't everything, but when I'm earning barely enough to cover any bills, (if that), then it's past being a nice thing to save for a rainy day. I need bills paid.

    • I kno it is hard because I'm doin the same thing for my family, but you shouldnt care about what people think bout you...Usually people that are good looking suffer from depression and don't like themselves...Do you want to be like that... You should feel comfortable in your own skin. Money comes and goes and your bill will get paid it just takes time...and on dating just wait there is someone out there for everyone ....dont count ur self out

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  • 1. A billion dollars

    2. Get my ex girlfriend back

    3. That's all I need and I would be very happy and rich.

    • Ok I got a solution

      1.Save up your money or play the lottery to win

      2. Start talking to her and tell her you need her back. Get her into you again. It is going to take some time but she will come over time she will notice what she lost

      Your wish has been granted

    • Haha save up a billion dollars if I made a million a year it would take 1000years!!!

      yea I just posted my story with my ex here's the link feel free to read and comment thnx


  • Well we'll be honest LOL.

    A bigger cock.

    A better more Stable Job.

    My own place.

    • LMAO WOW, that's some funny shit but I got you some answers.

      get more blow jobs

      Look for a different better job in the newspaper, (try hard because it isn't easy)

      Save up money so you can get your own place

      you have been granted

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    • LOL ya, diseases aren't my think LOL.. and not only that but I live in such a rural community that the only hooker that exists is a 2 ton cow.. MOOO

    • LMAO.....your so funny

  • only one wish.

    1. for people to grow up and stop asking this question. Really this site can be a great benefit to people, but frivolous questions like this are disheartening.

    If you really want to know something why don't you ask people what are 3 things you are working hard for?

    That is a legitimate question.

    I really do not mean to be rude its is just something I note with americans, always looking for something for nothing.

    • Stop being stuck up and deal wit it... People like when they ask questions like this..This shows that they have an imagination...They have a wish to do some thing... So if you don't like the question don't answer it. But other people do.

      But you wished for something...Your wish will not come true because there will always be some one that will ask a weird or stupid question, but haven't you ever here there is no such thin as a stupid question

    • Its not about being stuck up it is about growing up and progressing ideas, and the what do you wish for is gradeschool. It does nothing to foster imagination. WHen people are asked what they would do if they won the lottery they do not go into long dissertations about things or pontificate deeply, instead they spout off either the most simple thing or what they think others want to hear.

    • Not every one say what others want to hear.This question is a test to see how many people have an imagenation and who would actually wish for something.I haven't you ever heard some one say that you shouldnt grow up fast.Well it seems to me that you grew up to fast.It is never to late to make a wish it might come true.People make wishes knowing that they aren't going to come true.That is why they make rediculaus wishes.This question is just to have fun not to say that the wishes.So let people wish

  • 1) To be a hunk

    2) Super powers

    3) Die happy

    • 1.start working out

      2.there is no such thing make a movie

      3.meet the right person die in bed with her

      your wish has been granted

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    • Then I wouldn't need to wish for it, so what's the point of a wish?

    • The point of the wish is to see if you can make your dream come true on its own. Sometimes you don't need to dream it, it can come if you let it happen. I don't know about the super powers but everything else can come true if you work at it

  • 1. Infinite wishes.

    2. The wisdom to use them.

    3. The restraint not to.

  • Two Frenchwomen and one apartment

    • Go to france and get to french women and save money to get an apartmen....

      your wish has been granted

  • Three Japanese women

  • 1. To find the love of my life & for us to fall madly in love

    2. For us to have all we need in order to be able to enjoy our lives together

    3. For us to be happy together for the rest of our lives

    • 1.look for her she is out there

      2.be there for her and make sure you and her put your money together as a good couple and have what you need and want

      3.and to be happy keep the problems and make sure you ad her always talk bout your issues and problems and you will be great

      your wish has been granted

    • Thanks! :)

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  • 1. Win the lottery

    2. My college degree in my hand

    3. The perfect boy on one knee proposing.

    *sigh* wouldn't life be great.

    • 1:keep playin the lottery

      2:dont drop out

      3:find the right guy and stay with him and treat him good

      your wish has been granted = )

  • 3.) I'd wish for everyone in the world to be happy, healthy, and full.

    2.) My second wish would be for my boyfriend to be home from Iraq and in my arms.

    1.) My third and final wish would be to see my Papa again. I'd get to know him better and I'd ask him all of the questions I never had the chance to, even if we only had a day.

    • 3.nobody woud be healthy if they don't try they won't be healthy or happy.

      2.i wish you luck but he is fighting for his country and for you to be safe

      1.look for him, search for him to get in contacted with him and do as you wish

      your wish has been granted

  • 1. be able to make a wish whenever I want and forever lol

    2. I would wish for lots of money

    3. I would wish for happiness and yeah ^_^

  • I would want:

    To never have to worry about money

    To save the rainforest [haha seriously]

    and, to marry 'him' >.>

    • 1.theres more things than money

      2.you can save it now..protest

      3.be careful what you wish for

      your wish has been granted

  • 1- World Peace ( so cliche I know, but its true)

    2- For my epilepsy to just disappear

    3- To get a job as a top fashion photographer in NYC

    • 1.gather bunch of people and try to create world peace

      2.that won't get rid of that but you can keep it under control

      3.go to nyc and look for the job you want...fight for what you want

      your wish has been granted

  • 1. Get my PHD

    2. Find love.

    3. Be happy

    • 1.stay in school and earn it

      2.find him or wait for him he is out there some where

      3.happiness will come to the eye of the beholder is that you?

      your wish has been granted

    • Lol thanx.

  • I would wish for world peace.

    and end to world hunger

    and for me to have enough money to last a lifetime to help pay off my family's debts, and to donate to the humane society every month.

    • 1.there will never be world peace, the world is coming to an end, world hunger go down to africa and get people to go with you to help give them food

      2.money isn't everything there is master card and visa. money doesn't make you happy it kills you faster

      3.you can donate now what are you waiting for you don't need to wish it to make it happen

      your wish has been granted

  • 1. . to have enough money to live comfortably

    2. . to find "the one" and be happy and contented

    3. . for all of my friends and family to be happy in whatever they wish.

    Of course I also want other things too like diamonds and rubies and some hair extensions because I'm growing my hair and it looks a mess :D

    • 1.money isn't everything there's master card and visa and money doesn't bring happiness(remember that)

      2.He is out there some were, just wait he will come

      3.your friends and family will find happyness they just have to wait for a while

      You always have to wait for what you went ok , nothing is every handed to you so just wait it will come. also rubies and diamonds don't bring happiness it creates hate and anger among others.

      your wish has been granted

  • Well,first of all that there would be no more hatred between people over color, race, religion, or even sexual preference.

    That I would meet the person of my dreams and that we could live together happily ever after. Open,free from all the usual relationship BS, like money, sex, roles or falling out of lust and love with each other.

    To be able to dress and pass as a female 100%, yet remain as a male when not dressed and my other half would be a very willing partner with this and have no problem with my dressing this way.

    • 1.people will always hate each other over something, it is not only race and color, there is evil and good in the world

      2.that person it out there some where you just have to wait and he/she will come

      3.no one should care about the way you dress if they really care for you

      be careful for what you wish for it might come true

      your wish has bee granted

  • 1.Letting of the past [dumb guys]

    2.Become a model.[my dream career]

    3.Find that one right guy.

    • 1.you can let that good now juss erase it from your mind force your self to for get

      2.go to the modeling set ups in the hotels when they get to were your at, I did it

      3.wait he is out there some where looking for you too

      your wish has been granted

    • Thank you that really does help me...

  • Ok here's three you can't answer to.

    1. Have all three of my grandparents that passed away back into my life right now.

    2. Never contract any sort of disease whatsoever, including cancer

    3. Have sex without any contraception whatsoever and not have the risk of getting pregnant.

  • Have superpowers, a time machine, and world peace.

    • 1.there is no such thing as super powers, make a movie

      2.make the machine

      3.gather up a group of people and try to create world peace

      your wish has been granted

    • LOL I'll try.

  • 1. A nice boyfriend

    2. Being able to go on a trip around the world with my friends.

    3. Having my grandma back (she just died) alive and well.

    • 1. if you wait he will come to you

      2. save up the money so you can take that trip

      3. sorry for your lose but once there gone they won't come back

      your wish has been granted.... your wishes may come true if you work for it just not the last one... hope you feel better about your grandmother

  • thats kinda dumb and silly

    "your wish has been granted"

    dont say that :)