Met ex for coffee after being broke up. She wore my favorite outfit. What does that mean?

We have been dating 2 years and. She wanted marriage, I drug my feet. She now wants to take a step back. We decided to break up for a month. She called after the first week. We met for coffee


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  • She wants to impress you and show you she cares and hasn't forgotten what you love. Well that's what it would mean if it was me :)


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  • Gah! Women and their mind games!

    Just be upfront with her man and ask her if she's ready to break it up or get back together.

    But seriously women, I can do Shakespeare, Milton, Chaucer and the like but start playing mind games with me and my head starts hurting!

    • Now now, I made the mistake once of NOT playing mind games. He didn't like it. I think there's a fine line when it comes to that. Adds a little excitement, maybe?

    • Ok fine! =(

      *hides and runs away*

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