I'm very confused about my family tree?

OK my cousin's granddad is Italian I am related to my cousin by marriage so am I related to her granddad in anyway? all my friends say I am but my parents say I'm not so I just want to know if I am actually related to them?


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  • of course you're not related.

    you're related to your cousin by MARRIAGE which means you don't share any blood...


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  • Who's gonna know better? Your parents or your friends?

    • Well that's the thing my parents have had a big fight with that part of the family and are saying I'm not related to any of them so I just have no clue

    • Ohhhhh, Wow, That's a tough one. =/ Sorry I can't help you.

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  • If your cousin is related to you by marriage - her grandfather is not a blood relation.

    If it weren't for the marriage, she would not be your cousin.

    If the marriage was dissolved - she would not be your cousin anymore.

    No blood ties at all.