I'm having a major breakdown, I don't even want to engage in anything sexual anymore.

I am not even in a relationship, but I'm pretty sure this guy and I will start one once Junior year of High School picks up. I do love the whole aspect of a relationship, but I'm just way to jealous to be able to handle one.

But I don't want that to stop me from having one?

I know the excuse men use and women use everyday that it's "Just men's nature to look and think of other girls while having sex with their partner."

But I'm actually scared to engage in anything sexual again until I get this jealousy factor cleared. I cannot do something with this guy knowing he is going to be thinking about other women. I will feel used.

And I also feel like he is just getting with me cause he can.

I will be his first girlfriend, his first kiss...his first for many other things. And I'm not ugly, I actually get attention from a lot of other guys. The guy I'm interested in, and obviously interested in me is average I guess you could say and my friends always tell me I could do better.

So I'm totally getting off subject but how do women deal with this? Looking back on past relationship it makes me cringe to think they thought of other women while doing stuff.


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  • "Just men's nature to look and think of other girls while having sex with their partner."

    I'm sorry... what? Whereever you heard or read this, I can tell you, this is definitely not true for all, or even the majority of guys. When we're with you, it's usually because we like and are attracted to you, so we're pretty much focused on YOU, not thinking about some other girl we saw today.

    I have to say, I think you should listen well to your intuition; If you don't feel like he wants to be with YOU, but just wants to do something with someone, then pay attention to what may have made you think of this, as it may be something. Be aware though, that this might just be your own paranoia or jealousy coming through, so try to feel what's actually there without tainting it with fear.

    While some men may fantasize about other things while having sex, I feel that these men would be the minority, I don't think it's a common thing at all.


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