Fallen for my doc.Should I get a new physician?

I’m a diabetic (type 1) was hospitalized 5 times the last 3 years.

At emergencies (the first time b4 we new what it was) I was sent to a lung specialist cause I couldn’t breath. He nursed my sugar back to health and suggested I leave my diabetic specialist and consult him in future. (was weird cause that’s not his specialty?)

Every hospitalization he would flirt with me, say I’m beautiful, stare at me every second!

Things he said:

In my eyes you are still as beautiful as ever

You are probably too young for me, do you have an older sister?

I’ve run every possible test on you to keep you with me as long as I possibly can- guess I have no excuse to make you stay longer

I want 2 see you again, but not in hospital

You are just 2 sweet, that’s why you’re in hospital again (high blood sugar)

Comment my fashion

Ask about my interests, family, friends etc.

Every consultation he would ask me if I’m engaged/married/ seeing someone.

After every consultation he would ask me for a hug – the last time he placed a soft kiss on the side of my lips.


1)My friend says it’s just affection…is it? Or is it interest?

2)I’ve really fallen for him but the flirting stops at his consultations (he never calls me at home etc) Every 6 months I see him it feels as if he is seriously interested & then it stops. I’m on an emotional roller coaster. Should I rather end this?

Oh forgot to mention, I don't think he knows I like him, cause I'm shy I never flirt back (not with words that is) But we do stare into each others eyes a lot!


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  • Unless he is married flirt him back see what happens. I know a lot of doctors that are married and flirt every female that walk through their door. But your occasion sounds more serious flirt so why don't you give it a try?


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  • It is not unusual for a patient to think she has feelings for a male Dr.

    THIS Dr. could have charges brought against him for UNETHICAL behavior. A Dr has NO business discussing personal things with a patient - ESPECIALLY a young girl. And kissing you? My dear girl... you are living in a dreamworld. This guy is in serious danger of losing his license over this if you ever reported him. GET A NEW DR and let him treat your ILLNESS. It's not a dating service! NO he is not seriously interested. He is a disgrace to his profession.

    This posting sounds very familiar to one that appeared not long ago I stand by the same advice. HE COULD LOSE HIS LICENSE --- STOP engaging in this behavior. He's not a potential boyfriend.

    • Well apart from his behavior he is an excellent Doctor, no doctor before him has been able to get me stabilized. So, before I make any rash decision I need to ensure if this is really the case.

      I keep to my question: Is it affection or interest? Having to change my doctor of 3 years because of false assumptions would be a tragedy. Yes, I have fallen for him but who can not- he saved my life 4 times!

    • Your feelings for this Dr after he's saved your life four times are certainly understandable. These are feelings of gratitude, relief, appreciation, etc. etc. This isn't love, Sweetie. No, he doesn't have feelings for you. You have a Dr/Patient relationship. Nothing more and please don't read into it. In the future..... insist on having a FEMALE NURSE in the room with you so as toi avoid any possible awkward, inappropriate, moments. Don't imagine things that are not true. Hugz.