I really want to win the love of my life back... PLEASE HELP!!!

My ex and I were together for just about 2 years. We were together for about 1 year before we moved in with each other and then got engaged shortly after that. The first couple of months of living together were beyond amazing. But then the bills started pouring in and that is when I believe that things started to go downhill. I feel like we were both just really stressed out about bills and the whole money situation, that we both took it out on each other. So, about 2 months ago, I come home one day and see her and her family moving all of her things and she said that I can't do this anymore. I need my space. A week later she broke up with me and called off the engagement. When we ended up talking that same day, she said that just everything built up over time. That she was tired of me not being very affectionate, or not helping out as much of I should have. She also said that she still loves me and always will, but just doesn't want a relationship right now. She said that she meant everything that she has said to me. She also said that she is talking to another guy, but they are just friends. I need advice on what to do before it is too late and I lose her forever! I know that she is the one for me. Somebody, please help me!


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  • Don't go back with an ex.