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I have been with a man now for four years and for the second time in 3 months he has had another women in his house answering his phone telling me she's engaged to him etc. The first time I confronted him he told me it was all BS. So here it is 3 months later and the same women is in his house talking the same BS. I feel so disrespected at all this. It's one thing to openly admit to the fact that you have other relationships with people but to have one of the people in your house claiming to be your main squeeze when you told the other person it isn't true is wrong. I feel if this the one he wants to be with just end it with me and keep going. How can I break it off with him. This is all too much. I feel that after four years I should be the one in the house chillin' and answering phones.


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  • If he is not treating you like the queen you are then forget his lame ass he doesn't deserve you and there are guys out in the world that would love to be with you. Don't be afraid if this man is hurting you do not let him continue putting you through heartache and stress tell him that you never want to see him again there is no point in fighting with that trick he's with it's not worth it and he's not worth it. If you can break up with him in person if he gives you the baby I'll be better I need you BS tell him to just cork it tell him exactly where to shove that crap because you're not tryna hear it. You can do better don't let him make you think otherwise find someone who will love you for you. If you are too nervous to break up with him in person then hell do it over the phone heck show him the exact respect he's showed you. And most of all Let it go you can find someone better go out and do something good for yourself hell you deserve it after what he put you through. Just enjoy your life without him. Good luck hun


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  • Good for you! Stay strong! You deserve respect from a great guy! And you will get it some day soon from the perfect guy for you!

  • Does this guy live a different city? so that he is far away and feels he can get away with this crap?

    Please know that - when there is smoke - there is fire. The girl answering his phone whether engaged to him or not - has something intimate going on with him. That should be enough for you to tell this jerk to drop dead.

    Nobody has the right to disrespect you. Nobody. No matter how long you dated him, how much you love him, whatever crap he makes you believe about yourself that it might be your fault. Nothing.

    He is a liar who wants two women. He is having an ego trip. I wouldn't give him the joy. Tell him over the phone, in an email, to his face, anyway you want to that you are not dating him anymore and he is never to call you again. I wouldn't talk to him again either cause it will be a bunch of lies. He has already lied and he will continue to.

    My favorite story of breakup is from a girl friend of mine who told a boyfriend of several years, who had been treating her very disrespectfully even in front of his family that she "knew what she had to do". She was in the car with him in a parking lot and he was dropping her off to get her car. She said she told him "I know what I have to do", got out of the car and never returned another phone call, email anything from him. He finally got the point. I love this story because she took back her self respect and I'm proud of her for it. It made her the strong woman she is today!

    • I agree with you 100%. I also know he will eventuall try to contact me again. I already sent him an email stating how I felt about all this. I know he will respond eventually to that too.

    • My thing is if after you tell them to buzz off why do they try to come back?

    • They come back because they want to be in control of the situation. They feel guilt. They don't want to be dumped. It is just a knee jerk reaction. It doesn't mean much because even if they behave for a while - most go right back to their bad behavior. Just stay strong for yourself. Don't feel sorry for him - except that he just lost someone good. Feel happy for yourself that you took control of your life and how you want to be treated by a man.

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