Mother and son alone time?

My fiance asks me to stay in the bedroom for a while so he can have alone time with his mother when we visit his parents. He says its both he and his mother that want this. I feel its strange rude and disrespectful. I want to know if you all feel that is a normal dynamic between mother and son. If you feel it is not normal how do ask them why they feel like doing this and let them know that this isn't alright with me.


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  • WTF? That is not normal. It is rude and disrespectful.

    A few questions:

    Is he an only child?

    Does the mother like you? If not, why?

    Do his parents live in a different city/state, or far away from you and your fiancee?

    Do you two live together?

    Are you actually engaged with a ring on your finger, a date on the calendar and you're actively planning the wedding, or is it just something you're telling people because you plan on getting married, or something in between?

    Do his parents know you're engaged?

    Where the heck is his father when they're having their alone time?

    Have you visited more than once, if so, does it happen each time?

    How old is he?

    If you answer these questions, I can give you my thoughts. I have some ideas, but need the extra input.

    Feel free to send me a private message with the answers or any questions since the comment section has limited space. lol

    Good luck! :)

    • He is not an only child, he has two older half brothers.

      His mother likes me

      We live far from his parents, its an 8hr drive

      yes we purchased a home together two years ago

      i have a ring on my finger yes, but I'm stalling on picking a date

      his parents do know we are engaged

      his father (actually step father) leaves for work or is in another room (plus he only speaks french and my fiance and his mother speak in English to each other

      we have visited many times and it happens each time

      he is 25

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    • Behavior. I sure wouldn't want to make a life long commitment to someone if she was going to behave this way. If you're close with the mother, maybe you could approach her.

      You're supposed to be a part of the family in a very short time. You deserve to be treated like an adult.

      Be brave and just get this issue out in the open. Don't a dozen years to find out you've made a horrible mistake.

    • Should read: Don't WAIT a dozen years to find out you've made a horrible mistake.

  • Ever see that movie "Monster-In-Law?" This seems like a similar situation. Maybe your fiance and his mother have a strong relationship. I know it will be an inconvience to you, but he will appreciate you for not intefering.

    • So you think that the behavior is normal and acceptable then?

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