How to deal with this girl?

Why would a girl always answer to my sms's, proposes a date then start to give excuses and when we finally set a day she stood me up for another guy?

I know she is the slutty tipe, I am not looking for a relationship just sex.

how would you deal with this situation?

Here you can find all the story in sms's:

Its very important to me if you have the time to read and advice me in an acurate way, I feel blind!


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  • forget said she's the slutty type, she's just messing with you and from reading all the text, sounds like you're into her and being Mr Nice guy and she's buying it but its back firing you because she's just playing with you and thinks you're into her for a relationship, when really you're the one trying to get sex...hahaha


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  • You just said she's "the slutty type", so maybe she's not looking for a relationship...? Or even if she was, it's possible to realize you don't really like the guy after the first date.

    • I've seen her with him several times allready, in fact he is my friend and she know it.

      I've had sex with her one time, then she stated she loved another guy and blew me off... but in fact is dating my friend and having sex with him. He can provide her a car and I dont.

      As a matter of looks from 0 to 10 he is a 4 and I am an 8!

      I have no idea what's going on, and why she leads me on like this

    • Cause she's a shallow jerk that doesn't deserve you. Seriously, you can do better.

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  • She's teasing you for attention. Drop the bitch.

    • What would you do if you bumped into her and one friend of yours?

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    • THe first time I saw them I was in shock cause I didn't know anything. I believe I got p**** gazing her in an hurted way.

      She asked me, you not OK are you?

      i answered: I'll be fine!

      she replyed: I hope so!

      Bad call I guess!

      will ignore her bring her back? its a question of pride now, I feel I came out of this situation as a loser

    • With girls like that if you're hurt you end up the loser. If you see her with your friends again, just act disappointed in the friend. If she tries to talk to you again, ignore her, and if she presses you as to why, tell her she doesn't deserve to have a friend like you.

  • Bro, she isn't interested. Just drop her, you're going to get hurt.