What is your favorite?

whats your favorite song to listen to

1)right after a breakup

2)to sing too

3)while having s*x

4)while your angry

5)while your blazed

6)in general

I'm just curious:]


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  • 1- lovers and liars by matchbook rmance

    2- sound of madness by shinedown

    3- I don't know because I'm a virgin but I think anything mudvayn would be fun

    4- people= sh*t by slipknot

    5- no clue what blazed means doen it mean high?

    6- jambi or rosetta stoned by tool at the moment

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    • Uhh its so hard to choose.ha but right now its

      1-over and over :three days grace

      2-any justin timberlake song haha

      3-uhmmm sex room by ludacris ft trey songz

      4-one step closer:linkin park

      5-uhmmm man on the moon by kid cudi

      6-your love is my drug by kesha.ha

      my list will probly change within days.lol

    • Mine too lol

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  • 1)"Find your love" -Drake

    2)"Find your love" -Drake

    3)"Find your love" -Drake

    4)"Find your love" -Drake

    5)"Find your love" -Drake

    6)"Find your love" -Drake

  • 1. Stereophonics - Dakota

    2. Fyfe Dangerfield - When You Walk In The Room

    3. Massive Attack - Angel

    4. Killswitch Engage - When Darkness Falls

    5. Radiohead - Everything In Its Right Place

    6. Faunts - M4 Pt.2

    • Haha 3 would be trippy and I would probably be scared of 5 if I was blazed.lol

    • Hahaha yeah it's quite surreal having Radiohead playing while you're blazed alright, but I totally recommend it though, it's a weirdly good experience.

  • 1. Eminem - Space Bound

    2. Jessica Simpson - With You...hahah

    3. Guns and Roses - Welcome to the Jungle

    4. Nickelback - Next Contestant

    5. Xzibit - Alcoholic

    6. Far East Movement - Like a G6

  • 1) N/A

    2) N/A

    3) N/A (The asterisk was unnecessary)

    4) Deicide https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8SM2FrsY4Gg&feature=related

    5) De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K96U9RyfDE4

    6) N/A. Too many good songs to have a favorite in general.

  • 1) No Answer

    2) Lost - Gorilla Zoe

    3) No answer

    4) I don't get angry

    5) I Feel Like Dying (Screwed & Chopped) - Little Wayne

    6) Where's Da Bud - Three 6 Mafia


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  • 1)broken by seether and amy lee

    2)static x destroyer

    3)any rob zombie or nine inch nails I don't know y it just has a fun beat to go with

    4)slipknot eyeless

    5)i was a retard back when I 'blazed' who cares what I listend to it was probably gay

    6)icp or otep or tool