Urgent please help. What do you do if your possibly future sister in law doesn't like you?

I have been dating my boyfriend for over a year now. The problem I am having is figuring out how to talk to his family especially his sister. He isn't as close to his family as I am mine. I have only had the opportunity to meet his sister once because she lives so far away from us. She seemed really cool and sweet at first but now she won't even speak to me when I try to start a conversation with her. My boyfriends ex of 5 years keeps trying to contact him and get back together with him even after he turned her down countless of times. His ex is friends with his sister. My boyfriend has told me that from the sounds of it, for some reason his ex and his sister have become even closer since their break up. His sister's excuse is because he is afraid that she will go down the wrong path because she is depressed due to the break up over a year ago (ha). His sister has yet to try to even get to know me even when I have tried to get to know her. I don't know how to approach this or how to even act around her in the future. It seems like she wants my boyfriend to go back to his ex even though she doesn't even know me and even though I make him so happy and don't cheat on him like his ex. Me and my boyfriend live together and are talking about marriage in the future. He has met my whole family because my family lives closer. I understand the distance being a problem on her not trying to get to know me. She is going to be in my life for a while so I would want to be friends with her. Although every time I e-mail her she seems very short with me. Help I don't know what to do. How should I break the ice? Some people say to make her come to me. Well what if she never wants to get to know me? It has been a year since I met her and the only thing that has happened was she became closer to my boyfriends ex. I know it is silly to be jealous of his ex who is no longer in the picture even though she wants to be. I just want to be excepted by my possibly future inlaws. I also feel sorry for my boyfriend because this ex I am talking about cheated on him after 5 years of him being loyal to her. Now his sister is best friends with her and post all over facebook how she hangs out with her everyday. I see these post because my boyfriend asks me to go on her profile so he can see what she is up to. What should I do to make her realize that I am good for her brother? I take care of him and love him so much. Before I met his sister he said he hopes that one day me and his sister can become good friends. So far it's not looking too good and it just makes me so sad. I can tell it bothers him too that his sister is acting this way.


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  • hi...greeting to you...and by the way firstly I want to telll you is that MAY GOD BLESS YOUR FUTURE MARRIAGE AND HAVE SUCCESS in your marriage life. I don't know your name any ways I will call you as my friend just don't be so upset about your sister in law that you can't make it to her don't be so botherd much, I belive relationships with famliy is very important and it is necessary always with everything why don't you do in this way just talk to your boyfriend but not just like simply but more specific way like when you guy both in bed or some were your in romantic mood just tell him with a smiling face and definately I belive he will understand your problem and tell your boyfriend to talk about you to her sister as much as he can and tell him to about his ex that thy are doing like this to break you guys from each other because I belive is the more your open with your relationship and your famliy the more you will be away from your problems don't hide yourself or don't hide anythign from your partner because end of the day you will seeing each other and it will make your nerves go down and you will be thinking always about what you have done wrong so don't bother about that you can't make it to his sis just be more keen about your boyfriend rather bothering about your boyfriend sis because it will effect yur life and your realtionship so just be more straight with your boyfriend and tell him frankly in good and romantic manneer not like your fighthing with him or your demanding with him just make him feel comfartable to you and then make him in good mood and tell him what is happpening with you and I belive that he will think this and he will take the action as soon as possible to make it happen easy and in nice way so just relax and put all the load on your boyfriend rather you thinking much about it and making yourself burden and sad about it I hope I think I have advice you firmly no to the perfection but still I think you can think of it..



    • Thankyou very much especially for the blessing. You really did make me think of a different way to talk to my boyfriend about this. I think you deleted a sentence because I couldn't understand if you thought his sister and ex are trying to split us up or not. That is true that I should never hide anything from my boyfriend. I always say little commits like, "I hope she becomes to like me also." Thankyou so much for responding.

    • You welcome!!! and I hope you will solve the issue easily without any problems my friend and don't worry much about it what I belive is be straight forward to your relationship because your partner will be more happy and feel free to talk to you as you do to him any ways!! have nice and lovely bright future ahead.....



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  • well I would say it don't matter but My ex;s Sister broke me and him up, but I mean its all about how strong your relationship is.

    But It takes time to get close to someone , it takes time to show someone you care

    For me his sister did not like me because I was everything she was not, and I took her old brother out of her life because I hated his family with a passion. Like I told him if we did get married I would never go see his family and if we had kids they would never meet my kids over my dead body, and he decided it was better to find a girl they liked. But his family was one big leech, like I lived with them for 4 months and never wanted to see them ever again. So I had a good reason.

    But I hope your story ends with a happy ending unlike mine, well mine did have happy ending, I ended up with my ex boyfriend who I have been madly in love with for years and just never would go after him, and his family loves me and he hints about marriage to me from time to time and yeah. I get to meet more of his family this month.

    • Could that be my case? He used to live with them during the summer time when he wasn't in school now he lives with me miles away. He has told her how I am his sole mate and how great it feels to have finally found the one. She is having a rough time finding the one and with the father of her baby. Could it also be what we have is everything she doesn't have and so she is jealous. Can it be also true that misery loves company that is why she is hanging out with his depressed ex? Thankyou 4 replyi

    • It coulds be But I know My Ex's Sister Was close to this Girl He use to love ( They never dated) and Then he met me and wanted to spend his whole life with me, But As You could tell She got her way ( She took me to court, because I got mad at her and I raised my voice to 17 year old girl who was rubbing she stole from me and was getting away it) So Like I said I HOpe it turns out good. Unlike mine.