Why get engaged if you're not even old enough to get married?!

its seriously annoying me. All these under 18 people on this site talking about their 'fiance' and that they're 'engaged'. Its so dumb. Your not even legally old enough to get married, so why even plan it? Just because your 'in love' doesn't mean you have to get married, it makes no difference to your relationship if your married or not.

I see people in long term relationships who are in their late 20's who still aren't ready for marriage. And your engaged to the first person you've probably dated or had sex with. That is not real love. how can you know what real love IS, until you know what its not? You don't have enough experience to even say your in love at that age.

But when your 18, married, possibly knocked up and your husband is cheating on you because he never had a chance to experience anything outside the relationship, then don't go crying because all anyone will say is 'I told you so'.


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  • me again, because I have gone through more pain and witnessed more gruesome and scary things than most people my age

  • you don't even know if they really do love each other! plus you don't have to be so cruel you don't even know if it was the first person they dated or even had sex with! I have been in love and yes I am under 18 I know what love is and I know what it isn't I found out what isn't love after I found out what it was.. you can't tell me that I don't love someone you can't tell anyone that at all because you don't know how that person feels. you can't even say that someones husband will cheat on her not all men are like that you really have a sick way of expressing your opinions over people YOU don't even know..

    • Let me guess. your 'engaged' and going to spend the rest of your life with your 'fiance'. Please grow up. Your a child.

    • I am not engaged and I am not a child I do not have a fiance nor do I want one right now because quite frankly I'm going to go to college and get the multiple degrees I want so I can do the job I want you DONT know me so don't you even dare tell me what I have done and what I need to do... ill admit that I am a child but I'm not that young nor am I immature I have more knowledge than most of my teachers I have seen things that people never want to see so you can't tell me I need to grow up because