Could a guy really refuse to get involved because you have kids?

I'm friends with this guy that works at the store I shop at. He knows I'm unhappily married and working at getting out of my marriage. He also knows, and has met, my two kids..18 and almost 16. I considered us just friends and I hoped that one day, in the future, we could have something. He told me last night when I just stopped to talk to him, that "If I had hoped for something more between us, that it wasn't gonna happen" He said that he promised himself he would never get involved with a woman with kids, ever again. We've been friendly for a year or more, and he always misses me when I don't go in for a while. He has asked people about me, and that's how I know. I told him I considered us friends anyway, but my heart was hurting inside. Why would he NOT tell me this last year? He also said that the kids were the ONLY reason he wouldn't get involved with me. He was divorced twice and he said he would never take a backseat again. I don't I missing something? My kids aren't even that young. Of course they always come first, but we never even had a chance to see how things would go, in a relationship. Advice? Opinions? Thanks!


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  • Me personally, if you got kids I wouldn't bother. That's too much baggage and immediately I'm being thrusted into a family. I want you to be my girlfriend not my girlfriend and her kids.

    Most guys are pigs and will probably just put up with your kids so they can get laid. Other than that once the sex gets boring they'll leave.

    That's the hard truth.

    • Thanks for being so honest. So..I guess I should be glad that he never let it get to the point of using me. That's something, right?

    • I would say so... he could have lied to your face, used you for sex, then left. He saved you from getting your heart broken.

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