Why Still Wear A Wedding Band?

Why would a guy, who is divorced, has been for several years, still wear a wedding band...although it is on the RIGHT hand ring finger. Ex is not deceased, which I heard is a reason why a guy/person would wear a wedding band on opposite hand. Heard it was a very bad marriage short marriage and he filed, so I don't think holding on to her is the reason at all.

So what does it mean?...what message is it suppose to send?


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  • When my first marriage ended, I remained faithful to my wedding ring for another 9 months, while she obviously took hers off.

    When I did try to be with someone during those 9 months, it would not work, no matter how she tried to get it up, it just would not work, although at awkward times it got up, and let me know it works ..

    I believe someone who still wears a ring, after its over, still hasn't let go.

    A person can survive through anything - family deaths, puppy run over, parent dies, child dies, sickness, all sorts of stresses, but when you discover true love, it's damn near impossible to survive though without them in your life, let alone let go and move on.

    It sounds morbid, but if that person died, then it would be easier to let go and move on.

    I finally let go after 9 months, but then again I was 30.


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  • i have no idea. my aunt still wears her wedding band from her previous marriage and she's currently going through divorce, she even still wears that one. maybe it is to remind them of the good times they shared, or maybe its to remind them of the mistakes that led to the marraige ending. no clue...all I know is that if I ever get divorced I'm pawning my rings and getting cash to buy "im single again" clothes.lol.

  • My mom wears her on her right hand and my parents are divorced. She said even through the bad ending of my parents marriage, she still loved him even if it didn't last or was strong enough to stay together.

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