Before, he'll do anything to get me, but now nothing...

I'm with this guy and we've been together almost 3 years. We've talked about marriage, kids, everything. But we aren't ready until we both are done with school. We're both college students and live in completely different states. We take turns visiting eachother. But anyways, we would talk and text, email eachother all the time.

And now he hardly does. He is really busy and stressed out about school but I would love it if he would do that again. Not everyday but at least something to show that he's still crazy about me. That he can't believe he's found someone who can stand him. I know his past with girls and compared to me, I put up with a lot of things. I miss the little stuff he would do when we first started talking and dating. Now, I'll get an "I love you" or a comment that wouldn't win my heart like before. I just don't know how to bring it up to him.


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  • I hear ya! When my boyfriend and I started talking he'd leave me a long sweet message on MySpace for the morning, every morning for like 2 weeks. Now he doesn't even like going on the computer, not to mention he changed his password so I can't get on there. But anyway just tell him how you feel, and if he loves you he will understand.