How much should I spend on an engagement ring?

I have heard two months salary, but this means that I would either have to "break the bank" or save for an additional year more than I was thinking/planning. Both of us will be graduating grad school and heading into jobs that do not promise much money. I assume I should have some saved up but still want to get a real nice ring within a reasonable budget. I am willing to sacrifice a little to show her I care a lot. I was thinking around $1200. Would any of you girls consider me a cheapskate or think I should do more?


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  • If she honestly loved you and wanted to marry you, the ring could come from the 25 cent ball dispenser. Go within your budget. You don't have to find an extravagant ring; find one that matches her style. If she only cares about how big her ring is, it's a sign that you ought not to marry her. Marriage is about love and mutual support and a little bit of business. Just do the best that you can. If you two make it for a long time, then you can upgrade the ring when you have more money. It'll be a great 10,15, or 20 year anniversary present.

    • Agreed. Payed $10,000 for my wife's rings and now we're going through a divorce :(

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  • There's no formula is there. First, I don't think it should matter how much the ring costs, it's a symbol of love, not status, simple as that. And you think that all the rings that cost 2 months salary are prettier than the ones that don't cost that much? There are very very beautiful rings for $600 and even less. You should know your girl well if you're planning on marrying her, therefore you should know what she would like.

    Mate, it's as simple as this, if you love her genuinely and know that the commitment you are making is until death do you part then she is luckier than all the trophy wives with a 2 ton rock on their fingers, as they, just like the rock, will probably be discarded in a few years time (or pawned in the case of the rock =P) .

    Please take this advice, it's not opinion, it's fact, marriage is about love, not money.

  • You are going for thest you can when it comes to cut, clarity, color and carats. At $1,200 you may have to sacrifice one of the aforementioned -- maybe carats. $1,200 is a close call. At $2,500 you can do well.

    You might try and build your own ring and see where $1,200 gets you. Another option is pay $1,200 in cash and finance $600 and you should be able to get a good ring.

    Best of Luck.

    • Blue nile is where I have been searching the most. 1200 can get me an ideal cut, VVS2 clarity, F color, and .4 carats. 2500 cannot get me to the .5 carat mark.

    • I am surprised that you can't get .5 carats for $2,500. Do you have a jewlery market where you live. You need to talk with a few jewlers and see what they can do. Make sure you talk to many of them.