My fiance always avoids talking about marriage?

We are in along distance relationship but I do everything I can to see her once a month for a few days. She is separated and going through divorce right now because he cheated on her. We have been in this relationship for over a year now and always felt things were right. I know we do love each other. The problem is she does NOT want to set a date for marriage even though she accepted my proposal and is wearing a ring on her finger. Every time I bring it up, she avoids the topic. Finally I confronted her and she said she can't help forget her disappointment with what happened in her previous marriage even though she'd been separated for 2 years. I finally said I agree with you that we should wait and not get married. Her response was "I do want to marry you" ... I'm completely confused at the moment and not sure what to do and what she is thinking.


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  • I think that she is just still scared that what happened before can happen again and she wants to wait it out and not rush into things.

    • But when I said I agree "we shouldn't get married" she flipped and said I thought you wanted to marry me .. What should I tell her from now on?

    • I know you don't want to hear this but just talk to her about it.

    • Something just doesn't make sense ... do women coming ou of a divorce not want to get married again

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