How to get the truth out of her?

She likes me for about 3 and a half months but she doesn't know that I know. I like her for about 5 and a half months and she knows it.

She refused me once so proposing to her again seems so low. So, how can I get the word out of her mouth.

And I told her that I won't be able to forget her till my A levels end. Which would take about four more years- if I pretend to like someone else then that statement would be a lie.


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  • Well.. maybe you should tell her that you know how she truly feels about you?


    you can be very courteous and be her deffinition of her dream boy :].. & if that doesn't work.. you can pretend that you like someone else..

    i hope that helps.. because I'm in the same position too! lol

    • From which side are you in the same position.

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    • Thanx for being with my annoying comments for so long.

    • Lol it's fine. I'm always happy to help a person in need :]

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  • maybe your just her friend

    • Would that explain all the staring and sitting right behind me in class and stuff. And the fact that my friends have over heard her talking to her friends about actually liking me :p

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    • You just sound like a pussy... not going to forget her, c'mon, grow a pair and hook up with a girl that's even better around the corner. I bet your not able tho and only obsessed with this girl because she's one of the few that has given you the light of day

    • Yea.... She has given me the light of day and also the light of night.