Signs Your Boyfriend Is Going to Propose?

What are the signs a guy is going to propose?

My first love and I reunited and started dating a year ago. We have been friends for 11 years in between ... and eventually fell in love again.

Over the course of the last three months (have been dating a year) my Boyfriend has introduced me to his family - whom he has never introduced to any of his girlfriends. He has started "nesting" and setting up a home - buying home furnishings in the house he recently bought. He has been assigning me places to put my stuff in his house - and has sought my input in most of his purchases.

Also he has told me he "loves me" several times in the last two months... written love letters and so on. The thing is - he is a very emotionally guarded person and he has never told a woman he loves them... ever. He actually has been a deal breaker in most of his past relationships.

He has mentioned to me several times that he is looking for "someone" to come home to. He has been having pretty intense talks with me as of late regarding finances... what it takes for marriages to work in the long term... family values ... and so on. All things he points out we are VERY compatible with. He also asked me to help him host Thanksgiving for his brother and parents this year.

Last weekend he started planning a weekend getaway for us in the fall. And he has offered me the choice of a weekend away to Vegas - or a weekend to visit the town where we first met.

This weekend he is disappearing to spend the entire time visiting his parents alone. He isn't visiting any friends in his home town -- and he seems to be focusing specifically on spending it with his parents - for 2 days. Co-incidentally they are moving to our city in the next two weeks - so not exactly an "imperative" that he see them.

I know it sounds weird - and perhaps its premature - but he has been my best friend for so long - and all of his friends have noted they have never seen him so "smitten" before... I am just getting the feeling that he is going to propose... and is spending the weekend ring shopping with his mother.

What do you think?

Oh, out of the blue today he asked if we could talk about something. He asked me if I was really happy. He said that he was really happy... and of course I reciprocated the sentiments! He said that is all he needed to know... and thanked me. Huh?
OK another update - he now told me he plans on selling his prized sports car in the fall. Stating that he "just isn't into that lifestyle anymore." Huh? I am happy he is selling it (it is pretentious) but if it is for me... what can I do?


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  • I'd say from what you've mentioned, he may very well be preparing to ask you to marry him. The signs point to it.

    BUT the only thing I would recommend is to *not* get your hopes up. I'm assuming you are wishing and hoping he will ask you. But I know that we can take little instances and piece them together to convince ourselves something is going to happen. So, just enjoy what you two have going on, and don't expect the question to be popped. Because if it isn't, then you may get upset or kick yourself in the butt. And if it is, then you can be surprised and excited in the moment. :)

    • Thanks for this. Indeed I am living in the moment. And to be honest - I am not ready yet. He is 38 and has been a playboy for a so long... that I am just not ready to believe that he is ready. Time will tell - and until then I am enjoying every sentiment that we share.

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  • We do tend to begin to talk like that, I did as well, and now that I read your explanation I thought back briefly and realized I did the same thing to my soon to be wife (2 months away from the wedding). So yea, I'd say he has something in the works, but as the other said, don't get your hopes up, you don't wanna get hurt if nothing comes for a while. I'd say really get your hopes up if he asks to see your parents and disappears with them or your father for a time, if he is the old fashioned type. I personally didn't seek consent but did meet her family and they approved. Aside that, stay happy, and best wishes to ya!


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  • Sounds like he wants to tie the knot, but you never know until you get that ring on your finger haha. Just enjoy being with him for now :)

  • So did he propose?