Meeting the friends and family?

how long does it usually take for a guy or girl? to introduce their significant other to their friends and family?

from the first day they ask you out how long does it usually take?

i know its different for everyone but I'm just curious.

and when it does finally happen what are some tips on what to do to score points with the family and friends?


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  • How to score points? Be yourself, be polite at all costs, and be interested in what the 'rents are into. Ask questions, make conversation. And smile. :D I'd also ask your boyfriend some questions before hand to find out what you might expect.

    It took my boyfriend close to four months to introduce me to his mom and now he's ready to meet mine too. Almost five months into it from our official boyfriend/ girlfriend status date. We've been seeing each other much longer though. Almost a year.

  • well, after a few weeks of serious dating and true committment then I suppose I would do it... it's just natural. some people go slower,some faster, it depends on your style I suppose. my hubby and I met and in 3 months we're engaged, and another 3 months we were married. At first, I really didn't want to tell my parents about him and I wished he didn't tell his parents about me. He told his parents and family about me the first week of us meeting and dating. Then when we were engaged, I had to tell my parents to help us prepare for the wedding. hope this helps

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