My wife is not giving me sex much anymore?

can someone explain to me why?

i love her so much but do you think

she has a man on the side.

she works a lot and says she's tired

is that what's up in my marriage.

now she trims her pussy this week

i think she might be with another

man can someone save my wife

and my son I hope she is not cheatin

if she is should I get up and leave


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  • Women trim themselves for all kinds of reasons, it may have nothing to do with you. Maybe she just hasn't been feeling sexy at all and was trying to do something for herself that would make her feel more appealing. If she hasn't been feeling confident about her body, that could also explain why she didn't want to have sex with you lately- she felt like she was unappealing!

    Rather than just coming out and saying, "Why don't you want to have sex with me?" or "Are you having an affair?" it would be better to ask her what's wrong in a less threatening way. Maybe try telling her that you want to make her feel good, and how would she like you to do that? You could also help out around the house or pick up some chores she normally does without telling her you are going to do so. When she asks why, tell her that you know she has been tired and so you wanted to help out so she could rest some. Also remind her of past times when you two had a really thrilling night together and say that you want to recapture some of that bliss and excitement.

    She really might just be stressed out and tired from work, so give her a chance to come around. Being tired is one of the best sex killers, so it really might just be nothing more than her not feeling well lately. Try to work things out and see if there is anything more to it or if there is some way you could ease her day a bit so she has more energy for the fun things. :)


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  • That's a tough call as to whether she is or not. I would say she probably isn't. But I could be wrong. I know plenty of girls that don't have sex with their men anymore, but they are still trimming down there. And they aren't cheating. You might need to just ask, but in a nonthreatening kind of way. Reassure her that you love her, and you want to fix things. Don't go at her with anger about the possibitity. As far as leaving her if she is, that's your call. I believe everyone deserves a second chance, especially if you really love her.

  • the only way you could solve the problem is to spy on her or sneak up behind her. like check her emails cell phones or just get her to talk and open up with you. or just be straight forward and ask her what up with no more sex at night and but you're shaving and ask her straight to the point if she's cheating or not. I mean don't act like she can just fool you and do things behind your back. don't make her think that you're stupid and she can just do things with out you not konwing anything about it. I mean just ask her. you guys are married you guys supposed to be open up with everyrthing right? lol

  • If you married you should be able to sit down talk and tell her how you feel. Tell her you love her very much and you miss her company rather than mentioning the sex. Kids don't help with that either me and my partner hardly do it that much either maybe they drug wedding cakes lol.

    Be calm be open and don't push the issue. I sent my son to my parents for the weekend and made a fuss of my fella. The other option is to send a bunch of flowers with a note saying something along the lines of "roses are red, violets are pluckable. You are so sweet and my god so f***able" it's fun but straight to the point. If she is more romantic take her on a date there are no rules to say when you get married you have to stop dating each other.

    Be honest to yourself be honest to her and hopefully she will be honest with you.

    If not then there really are too many fish in the sea.

  • You may as well ask her straight up rather than wonder. I'm sure you aren't afraid to ask. You maybe afraid of the answer, if she tells the truth, but life's too short to go through turmoil like cheating.

  • i have a friend that says she loves her husband, but doesn't like the way he has sex. and she complained about things that seemed tiny to me. she didn't like things he said during sex or some of the things he did to her (and she could have just told him or guide him better.). well maybe that's what's happening with your wife too. if so, that's her fault too, not just yours, because she didn't tell you she didn't like those things. sometimes, when we really love someone, we let them do things that we don't like just to please them. I had a boyfriend who loved feet and footjobs but I didn't really like it. at first, it was nice to see him happy but after a while it got more and more annoying. my boyfriend thought I liked it simply because I never told him I didnt!

    could be an emotional thing too. maybe there's something about her life she's not happy about. we have to be secure and confident to have nice sex. if she feels like shit for some reason, she won't want to do it. if she's unhappy about something related to the marriage, sheit'd be hard to have sex too. sexuality and emotion are two things that always go together. if one of them is bad, the other will suffer too.

    either way, talk to her. don't go saying "why don't you have sex with me?" as if she's obligated to do it for you just because she's your wife. just tell her how much you love her and want to show her that through sex. ask her if there's anything about sex with you that she doesn't enjoy. ask her if there's anything she wants you to improve (sexually and emotionally). anyway, just be honest and ask her to be honest back. if it's hard to do it personally, write her a letter and leave it on her pillow or something.

    by the way, the fact she's trimming down there doesn't necessarily mean she's cheating. maybe she just thought there was too much hair. that can get pretty ugly haha.


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  • "she has a man on the side."

    Uh, seriously, because there's your problem. If you're not sure, hire a private investigator. They're really not that expensive, or just look into things on your own.

    If she is cheating, dump the no-good slut and take the kid and house. I'd even go after her money she's been working so hard for as punishment since apparently it's more important to her than you are.

    If she's not cheating, then it's time to put romance back into your life. That means doing stuff like Wildcard said below. I suggest picking up a copy of The Mystery Method. The stuff in that book works just as well on women in relationships as it does for women you meet at a bar or club.

  • when was the last time you actually tried to romance her and not just have sex with her.

    something I have learned over the last year or so. run game on your girl.

    you know how when you two first met and during the courtship process up until marrage the efforts you put into biulding that attraction and rappor that it took to eventuall get her to marry you. there is a word for it "chemistry". I consider that word kind of a catch all for love, attraction ect. ect.

    well, obviously you can't do that same exact thing now. but remember it, and reformulate it into something you can use today.

    weather or not another guy is biulding "chemistry" with you wife-I don't know.

    but take the words of a divorced man, if you don't run game on your girl, somebody else will

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