Is it possible that she'll give it another chance?

OK so long story short I'm in a long distance relationship or was rather with a girl for a little over 2 years..we broke up once before but later decided to work things out..we broke up again about a month ago mainly because I was dumb and started going out with my friends a little too much and stopped giving her any attention and basically didn't appreciate her...she finally got to that breaking point and broke up with me and I didn't really seem to mind until a cpl of weeks ago..I was out in her city with my cousins and wanted to see her but she never came I miss her and want her back and have asked her to take me back but this girl is the most stubborn girl ever and she doesn't wanna hear it and says I already had my chance..she's coming out here for family reasons and I asked to see her and she said yes as long as I don't try to bring up the breakup and working things out...she's been texting me the passed cpl days giving me some hope...I really love this girl and I admit my wrong doing and wanna propose to her this weekend but don't wanna get denied lol what does everyone think I should do?

Oh and she's previously told me that she doesn't want a relationship but that's when we're arguing and the other day when txting each other she said that she just wants to have a "civilized breakup" so we can be civil with each other." Should I ask?


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  • Leave it alone, Honey. You've tried to have a long distance relationship and you have proven that it does NOT WORK. You get lonely - you want to have fun - you want to see people.. Even when meeting a girl as a "friend"... she could easily turn into someone you want to know more about. Don't limit yourself so much. Even your ex doesn't want to get it back together. You're not being "DENIED". She is being smart... and so should you be. Move on - and PLEASE when you date someone.. choose someone in the SAME town? Relationships are hard enough without adding distance to the mix! Good luck. You're young. Enjoy yourself. Don't tie yourself down.. WHY? HAVE FUN!


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  • Do exactly what she says. When you see her, don't bring up anything to do with your relationship or the break up whatsoever! If you can keep your cool and just act natural then she will start to remember the person she fell for in the start.

    Even if she's the one to bring up talk about your relationship and break up just say "i don't want to talk about the past I just want to enjoy the present time I'm spending with you"

    Let me know how things go after this first meeting

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