How long would it take you to get over a marriage?

I met a girl who got her divorced finalized a few months ago. She is in her mid 20s. I know everyone is different but how long would it take you get over that and back into a interest in dating again?


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  • you should just be her friend and wait for her to realize you are a great friend hwo loves her... then she might give you a chance. it is different for everyone. I know my sister got a divorce when shew as 21. She married around 18. Anyways, the thing is she has a 2 year old son, and she is lonely but she'd just play with the kid and get over it. she does have guy companions but she is still hurting and she is taking time for herself for a bit to realize STUFF. okies... but everyone is different. you should just be patient and be her friend and let her know you are there for her... and waiting. hope that helps

    • Yea I agree with you on this. I'm just constantly dreading that I'll get stuck in a just friends zone. I want to be her friend first, but not only a friend at the same time.

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  • Because I practice the faith of Judaism, if the reason for the divorce is other than her cheating on me,I will never date again. That is because according to many Rabbis, if you divorce for any other reason, we made a covenant with G_D opposed to a legal writ of marrige and therefore due to the fact there was no legitimate reason for exolving the marriage, the covenant still applies and hence, I date someone, I am technically committing Adultry. As for her and if she cheated, no matter what, she commits adultry every time she has a date/husband. That was the reason for the "stoning" of ancient times. The idea was that an adulterer may recieve a better judgement in the end if they were executed for their crimes than if they were to continue with their adultry. Moreover, I can surely say, I will most certainly not ever cheat on a potential wife. I would rather end my own life than to dishonor myself and betray someone that is supposed to trust me. I am not suicidal, so I do not cheat. But if the divorce (as I said) was for trivial matters other than adultry, I will just be solitary.

  • Let her know that you are interested but you understand that it might no be the right moment but you would like have a relationship with her when she feels ready and if she's interested. Then, give her some space but don't be out of reach.