Can a girl's friends affect the way you feel about a girl? Have they ever sabotaged or ruined a potential relationship? What do you think?


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  • i think we girls kinda have an intuition. like naw girl not him. we get mad, but at the end of the day they are our friends and they are just looking out for our best interest. now if you personally run with some haters in your circle, you might need to reevaluate that, but for the most part they just looking out for us as we would do them. I can remember plenty of blocks I have participated in because my friend is a total dummy when it comes to men, gotta help her. I'm sure she says the same thing about me.

    • That's perfectly fine and all but just be aware your "intuition" may be wrong and in the chance you are wrong, you will be sabotaging what could have been a perfectly happy relationship. I've had it happen to me. See above.

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  • I have had relationships ruined by a girl's friends and family in the past.

    Instance 1: I once dated a girl named Amy who's older sister hated me for reasons that I just don't know. She told Amy lies about me that Amy believed and she ended up dumping me over them.

    Instance 2: I used to date a another girl also named Amy (funny, huh?). We were together for about 4 months. Everything seemed fine with her except her closest friend Stephanie who she had known since childhood also liked me, and apparently was willing to backstab her friend to try to get with me. Bear in mind now, Stephanie was the kind of girl you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Been with dozens of guys by the time she was 16 and was probably disease ridden. Anyway, Stephanie started telling Amy things about me that weren't true to try to break us up. It eventually worked, then Stephanie started calling me because she got my number off Amy's Caller ID to try to hook up with me. It never happened.

    If your significant other has friends who have been around them for longer than you have, and they don't like you, they DO have the power to break you two up if they really wanted to, and it's not right.

  • I've seen this type of behavior from both sexes involving both scenarios.

    Male and/or females either blocking someone from engaging in a relationship with me, or my friends blocking someone from engaging in a relationship with me.

    My friends have protected me very well from some very bad situations, and I am very grateful for it, if not then, in hindsight. Keep in mind, they are still my friends. This would not be a situation that I would stop being friends with someone over.

    In the other scenario, others blocking their friend from me, I don't care. Like That-guy said, go ahead and brush it off. They end up doing you a big favor anyway, because generally that person ends up making the evening news a few years down the road.

    I'd just forget them all.

  • Friends see things you don't given that they are good friends who want the best for you.

    A lot of times when you're "in the mix" you don't think clearly. Guys get blinded by boobs and girls get blinded by his compliments. This is when your valued friends come in and chime in their analysis.

    I have had girlfriends robb me of getting further with her and I see it two ways:

    1. Her friends saw that I was unstable and only interested in the vag.

    2. They are douchebags and they didn't want her to be able to get something they couldn't have.

    Either way, I just brush it off if she takes her friends advice over her own tuition.

  • Yea I one time was at QXTS a club near by. And I was talking to this one girl and her friend kept interupting. The girl I was talking to put her finger up to her friend to signal she was talking to me. But the friend said lets go to the bar for a second. The girl told me she would be right back. I waited for a long time they never came back. I'm a guy so I have no idea what happend when they were gone. But that's just what girls do.


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  • I think that if your friends respect you, they will understand that when you are in a relationship its you and the guy, not you, the guy and all your friends!

    of course you'll tell them stuff that's going on and ask for their advice, but in the end the decisions are made by you and based on your feelings!

    and they have no right to sabotage or ruin a relationship, its not up to them!

    just my thoughts!

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