If a guy told you that you are his true love?

if a guy told you that you are his true love and his first what does that mean to him ? is he being serious or just trying to play games, he's even talking about marriage/kids here COMMON?! I don't no weather to believe if he's telling the truth or not ? that's why I got to ask the men out here what do you think ? and what does it mean for you when you say that to a girl ?


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  • It's pretty serious.. I'm in the same situation. I would never say those things if I don't believe and back those words up. I am a man, IMO a man should never lie and whatever I say, it will be backed by my word. See how his personality is. Is he a man of his words? Does he ever make false promises? This is what dating is for. Ask him what he sees in you and stuff. I would only say these things to a person who I know I will love and care for. Like Authentic said, give it some time, and check it out with your own self.


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  • Your happiness is too valuable to be bet on "is it common for a guy to ...?" You need better ways or lie-detecting mechanisms.

    1. Time. Some can fool you temporarily, but time wins ultimately. Therefore, test him with time. Take the time to date, to understand each other. If you rush into things because you are anxious, lonely...etc. then remind yourself with something like "you are your own worst enemy".

    2. Since he talks about family, explore that with him. How thorough is his preparations? Does he know bringing up a kid is a, minimum, 18 years project, if not lifelong? How much does he have in the bank? Does he know marriage is a 60+ years project? (Assuming both of you are in your 20s, and most people these days have 80+ years to spend around here).

    3. Your gut feelings. They are most accurate lie-detector. Even FBI experts, world renowned criminilogists who trained juries admit that. Terroists, con men/women, players, who are trained to cheat the most sophisticated lie-detecting mechanisms can't lie to you if you have good gut feelings, and trust them.

  • I think no one can answer your question because each man is different from the other some guys are serious others just say that to get you in bed and some others say that because they saw it in a movie ( I have a friend who did that ) , so I think you are the only one who can tell if he is serious or not

  • If its his first realtionship, he might have unrealistic expectations, that you are the one and he wants to make it happen, reality hasn't set in yet doent worry it will...

  • "if a guy told you, you are his true love and his first what does that mean to him ?"

    That means that you are VERY important to him, not just a casual fling, but a serious relationship. He sees things with you as very real, and he means it.

    That said, I think you can trust your gut (your 'womens intuition' ) to tell you if he is honest or just saying this to get sex or w/e. Does it sound like he means it, or does it seem fake or shallow?

    • He sounded serious >:O like he sounded surpised lol, he also said he never felt the way he did for a girl, and I just wanted to know what it means for guys when they say it, because that crap is serious :o can't be joking aroundd

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