Why do guys so often say "I wanna marry her!" or "I'd so marry her" about women they never met?

solely based on looks? I have heard and read men say this SO many times about a model, actress or just some super hot girl they do not know. why would they say this about those women and not say it to their girlfriend? and just say "I'm not ready". do looks really mean THAT much to a guy?


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  • Just an expression, they don't really want to marry them. another way of saying they are hot'


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  • It's because they don't know what marriage is really about. By saying marry they just mean they want to bang a hot girl every night. The poster or whatever doesn't have a life like a girlfriend does, and so they're not thinking about how she would like to go shopping and spend all his money, or how they would hate watching football, because these are things that they find out afterward. He is envisioning her in the kitchen making him a sandwich.

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