How do you know when a man is marriage material?

is it best to find a man with similarities in personality? or is a quiet guy and outgoing girl a good match? are small matters going to end up turning into big matters later on down the road?


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  • My parents are polar opposites. They'll have been married 32 years this November. Obviously that works for them. But I think it works because my mom is the primary peace-maker. She's the level headed one where my dad is the hot headed one. But they have gotten into some rip-roaring fights where glasses and inanimate objects have been thrown around the house (never at each other). They're very, very different people. Their marriage has never been an easy one because of their differing personalities. But they are both people who are very willing to work through their differences and work through all the hard times. It takes a serious commitment on both their parts.

    My fiance and I, however, are very similar in every aspect. Similar personalities, similar interests, similar goals in life. Life and living with him is very easy and very enjoyable. It can sometimes be boring, but we have so much in common that life is rarely dull. I knew he was marriage material in the first 3 months of dating him. He loves me and tells me so every chance he gets. He's very caring. He's kind. He's not scared of commitment or long-term relationships. He's responsible. He makes me laugh (a VERY important quality to me). He takes care of me and loves to do so. He's talked about our future together, in depth, in every subject of importance (marriage, kids, houses, finances, where we'll live, etc). He cooks and cleans (haha, this is important because I'm not a 1950's housewife and refuse to do all the chores). And most importantly he views relationships, and us, as an equal partnership. To me, he's marriage material. To others he might not be what they want.

    The point is: marriage material men is different for every woman. My mother fell in love with a completely different person than herself. But she found something in him that said "marriage material". I found a man incredibly similar to myself. He's marriage material to me. It's different for every woman.