Guys does marriage ever cross your mind in a relationship?

not in the sense that I def. want to marry the girl I am with right now. just if you could possibly see at all a future with them. I think we can all assume that most of us girls imagine what a future with her man would be like. I am wondering if men do the same.

or how would you bring it up to know their thoughts on that or if it is wise too. etc

or what are the hints that a man is thinking about this ?


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  • Usually Marriage considerations are always there on some level.

    However, from experience, if a guy "considers" Marriage the Marriage in question is a bad idea. When she's right you just know and can't not eventually blurt it out "Marry Me".

  • Personally in the early stages of dating, its a very glancing thought. However when a few months have passed and when things get a little more serious thoughts of a real future start to begin to formulate. And for bringing it up I would be careful about the word marriage but a few months into the relationship, talking about the future is not a bad thing.


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