Is love at first sight real?

Well is it? And what causes it through your experience? Please don't mention body and such that is known as lust not love BIG DIFFERENCE. And I'm 24 years old not 37 profile mistake.


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  • Personally, I couldn't fall in love at first sight. It's too superficial. I need to know a guy on a deeper level before I fall in love. It's impossible to know a persons true character until you have know them over a period of time. The more I get to know a guys personal qualities and personal flaws , the stronger my feelings grow. Gradually my feelings develop into love. Love takes time to grow

    • Couldn't agree more thank you. But if you wouldn't mind answering me this question please? In a girls view what is lust, like and love; as I mean the girl fell for? Like a girl meets a guy for the first time what three of those options could display of her? Like is she lusting, liking, or loving him already?

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    • I'm not sure what you mean about her lying. She lied about what? Start off with just smalltalk, then start to show an active interest in her as a person. Talk about yourself a lot , be open and honest. That way you'll gradually earn her the trust. The more she gets to know you as a person the easier it'll become for her to let her guard down. But patience is needed with people who have trust issues

    • I see thank you, myself? Talk about myself really? Okay I thought she would... oh I got it now. And I went lying as in it is not a big deal that is what I mean. I mean honestly it is obvious right? So what is she feeling then? It has been a good 2 and half months.

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  • Yea it is, but not everyone gets a chance it's like saying is is winning a lottery real yes it is but most people won't ever get it in their life time lol

    • I think it's usually something that blows ur mind, for example one day u notice someone smile amd their eyes become a curve line. U've seen this plenty of time but suddenly ur like wow i nvr knew smiling like that can be so attractive. And there, love at first sight. Just small things that suddenly grips u.

    • Nope that's why I'm asking. But is there any detail to tell?

    • Need more please.

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