Girls, If you want to get married or have before, what sort of dress style would you pick?

I personally have dreamt my whole life of a huge ballgown as I feel it will make me feel like a princess for the day and it's not a style you can get away with wearing for many other occasions. I'm also very self concious of my legs so a mermaid style would be my worst nightmare! :P

What do you like the best, and dislike the most? :)

I've been watching too much Say yes to the dress! >.<

  • Ballgown
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  • Mermaid
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  • Sheath
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  • A-line
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  • Short
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  • Other~ please say
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  • A-line probably. I do love the idea of a mermaid but I'm pear-shaped so small chest, super wide hips, big thighs which I think might look a little odd in the mermaid. I also like the idea of having the extra flowing fabric and I don't like the idea of being as restricted as I would be in the mermaid. A-line seems comfiest, looks very pretty and I think it would likely be more my style.

    • Yeah mermaids don't seem very comfy to move around in :P A-line dresses definitely are a good choice for comfort :)

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  • I would really like to wear a ball gown style wedding dress with more deco on the top and also some rose deco ont he dress would be so cute, like:
    Ribbon deco is cute too:

    Short style is nice too but there are dresses with similar style that I cna wear whenever, I like it, but for a special occasion I want a more regal dress 👸

  • Personally, I'm not really planning on getting married.. But if it somehow ever happened, I do fancy mermaid gowns. Those type of dresses look really flattering against my curves. But I also enjoy some poof! So if the bottom half was designed something like it is in the "short" design but in the style of the first dress, I'd love it. I'm a fan of the first dress.. But the poof is just too much poof lol. I'd like it to be more subtle.. But the overall design is adorable!

    • Mermaids look so good on curvy figures :) There seem to be a lot of them which are super poofy at the bottom ^_^

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    • If that's you in your picture, you have a great shape~ I'm jealous! ^_^

    • Yup! That was me two summers ago I thinkkkk or maybe last year I can't remember 😅 But aw! Thanks!! <3

  • Still not married... one day though.
    \My mum is a seamstress. She made all my dresses growing up. My prom dress, numerous bridesmaids dresses. Since I was small, the only other dress I have wanted her to make for me is my wedding dress. She made hers, when she married my dad and i think it would be a nice heirloom, not to mention all the bonding time we would get. She doesn't want to do it, because she thinks i won't like it. But if we are both collaborating on it, why wouldn't i? She wants to make my veil, but she can do that too.

    • Why does she think that? :(
      What style dress?

    • I don't know yet. We both have similar tastes funnily enough so I can't see her doing something I won't like.
      It would be old fashioned. Empire waist flowy, or Grecian looking.

  • I definitely want an A line style dress, I either want it structured or the polar opposite, flowy. I want my dress to have a glamour touch, rather than it being minimal; anything that would make it stylish, whether it be flowers, ruffles, fringes, feather, or lace. Lastly, of course it has to be white or maybe cream as my second choice.
    Structured like this for example
    Or flowy like this one below

  • I want to wear a giant lace and tulle ballgown to my future wedding. I also am hoping for it to be a sweetheart neck and sleeveless.

  • I actually plan on wearing a suit because I feel very uncomfortable in dresses.

  • I did the a-liner dress

  • A line

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