Prenuptial agreements?

what do you think about them? ha ha just out of curiosity


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  • Well if you have received a significance inheritance or you created a business and have a profitable income then it's completely understandable to want to protect what you have/created before you were married.

    I understand this feeling of not wanting to go into a marriage with a pre-nup as if it's expecting it to fail. But the truth is everyone is so stupidly in love at the beginning and everyone believe's they are the couple that would never get divorced, but the sad fact is those "it will never happen to me" couples are divorcing every minute!

    Early on in married life you're sipping your wine, are completely mesmerized by each other and thanking God for how lucky you were to find "the one" for you ...and two years later your each on seperate sides of the court room with $1000 a day lawyers having your EX partner take half your Father's LIFE earnings inherited by you in under 15minutes, and they never even new your father!

    I like to think I would never sign one either because I too am caught up in the superstition of the expectant fail. But the more I think about it the more practical I believe it is in today's world.

    If two people are going into a marriage with relatively similar incomes than I don't see it as necessary than if one were significantly more wealthy than the other.


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  • Its a public way of saying I might love you but I DONT trust you :/ not a good thing...true love asks no questions but gives endless support =)

    • Finally! A girl who puts out on the first date because she's not afraid the guy is just going to use her for sex! It's good to know there are trusting people like this in the world. X.x

    • Under the same logic, if she's not putting out, she doesn't truly love me. If she did truly love me, she would be giving my penis endless support =)

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  • Absolutely necessary and logical.

    There is a sharing of assets in marriage. A joining of everything you both own. But as far as individual earnings and individual businesses owned etc, this is your own legacy here. Destroying it in divorce would ruin the company and possibly the rest of your professional career.

    My Aunt refused to sign the prenup when she married my Uncle, so my Grandparents had their lawyer draft a will as close as a prenup as they could while keeping him in it. If he divorces after they have passed his share of the family wealth goes straight to the oldest. He gets it back after the divorce settlements are filed through so no one ever really owns something unless they aren't married. Which my Great Grandfather never was.

    If love is so powerful an emotion, the respect for keeping things within the family line would be enough to sign a prenup. Not signing one, to me, is a sign of personal disrespect to my family history and beliefs. It's like saying I don't respect your views and if I ever get divorced I"m taking my half. Well, that's never going to happen.

  • I don't like them. I don't like the idea of planning on your marriage failing, and if it were one person's fault over the other, then that person being awarded equally based on a contract signed before the dispute.

    I hate the idea of giving your marriage that reason or excuse to fail. Aren't you supposed to marry someone because you love them? Then why would you split all the belongings in the first places instead of dedicating yourself to making the marriage work out? It's ignorance, in my opinion, and is the stark opposite to the vows that are supposed to be upheld when you marry, whether that be written by the two or the traditional "till death do us part".

    And look where we are today, the percentage of failed marriages are absolutely horrible.

  • I won't get married (if I ever do) without one.

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