Does this girl really love me or still loves me?

We met through internet. Well after a while she proposed me and I already liked her so accepted. Slowly we talked a lot and really became close. One day she stopped answering all of a sudden told me she was at someone's place so couldnot answer. Then when I called repeatedly a man replied and we had a fight. He was as if intimidating her not to talk and all I knew at that point was he knew some of her friends seemed to know her from long. So I informed her family. After a few hours she called me from someother number and asked y I informed her family and all. After that we continued talking but little less. She was now staying with her family so couldnot talk more. She is looking for a job and says she is really upset so she is not talking to many of her friends, but I think I should be a little more important to talk to. Just a few days ago again without any reason she just stopped receiving my calls, 3 days passed not a word. Then one evening I was all upset and suddenly her call came. She was trembling a bit and just said sorry- she was at some relative's place so she cudn't reply. At least she could hv msged. I just don't know. She even sometimes says our family won't allow us to marry and all so don't have to keep building hopes its better to just carry on as we are. The usual fire is gone. She used to be so talkative but now is almost mute, every time I ask wats wrong she tells she is so upset about getting a job she just doesn't want to talk to anyone. I hardly get missed calls from her. And our every conversation lasts just 5-10 mins at most then she hurriedly hangs up saying moms calling or dads calling or she just has got work and that we should talk later. I hardly hear 'i love u' from her. She just smiles when I say the same to her. I just don't know wats happening, pls help.


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  • Wow sounds like she has some issues going on and yes if she proposed she did it for a reason because she loves you.

    • Well what do you suggest me ... should I continue with her...... I cannot think of anything else but her ....

    • Yes you should give her time and see what happens.

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