It's not that he left me and was engaged in a week - it's what he left me with :(

Thanks for all the caring responses. I know I'll never desire him in any kind of relationship, but I was so convinced we/he were happy. We did everything/ spent every moment together. He was very caring, concerned with my life, affectionate, let me ask him anything and talked it out with me, introduced me to his family and friends/son, encouraged me to have a relationship with them all, called & text me all the time, planned special time and get away for us. Plus so much more. I was so convinced... I cry now knowing I can't ever trust because I can't trust my self to do so. I have so many men asking me out but I blow them all off because I ask my self "why would I date." How does anyone ever trust their decisions again. I can't ever let anyone close again. How do you change that?


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  • If he was so nice ot you and he asked himself to have a relationship with his family then what went wrong? I know you are hurting and sad but maybe...maybe for some minute you sit and look at you from a third person point of you. Do you in anyway think that somewhere..maybe somewhere you blew it off?. Just in case..

    • No.... Not for a minute. His ex left him for money. She had been seeing someone but also texting my Boyfriend saying she missed him. She broke up with the other guy... My boyfriend left me and a week later was engaged to her. I didn't matter to him... Only she did :(.

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  • just try to see the best in everyone still.

    love always hopes.

    if you are a good person, it'll come to you. Love has faith.

    good luck

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