I should know what he wants but I don't. HELP please opinions and advice needed.

Alright well, I've been dating the same guy for almost 5 years on and off, the off never being more then 2 or so months. We're high school sweethearts, neighbors, and best friends.

In the third year of our relationship I was in the Marines and I ended up breaking parts of my spine, since its a spinal injury I was discharged and all that as a "disabled" veteran (I feel a lot of pain but I am not rolling a wheelchair or anything like that now or since I came home. About 4 months after I came home it was his turn to go and be a marine ( he is about a year younger) which he did and still is active duty. Its a confusing situation for me and From the 2-4 years he was the one talking marriage, kids and all those kinds of things he even went as far as proposing and we agreed to continue to just be boyfriend/girlfriend until we are at the age (22-25) we both agreed was the soonest we should marry because of money and careers and life planning we wanna try to be prepared. But about a week before he left we broke up because he said he didn't want to get so serious, and we decided to remain best friends because the feelings were the same he was just not ready for a serious commitment at that time. (enough history :P) Well basically I don't know what to do so I kinda just want some advice or opinions.Well we talk as often as possible with his schedule and its typically him calling or text me first, He can't leave the base (no car) but its not very far from where both our homes (2 hours) so I drive to see him on the weekends when he invites me. We do all the things a couple does, affection wise, we still talk in almost our own code for things and act like we do when we were dating. His entire family still thinks were together and he doesn't correct them. When were on base he introduces me as his girlfriend And I asked him directly why he does that when we never got back together and he says were not dating yet he tells me not to see other guys or talk to them (not that I had intended to) He gets mad when other marines hit on me, he acts like were together and I feel like I am in a weird position because I know by allowing all the affection, sexual, lovey dovey stuff, I'm letting him believe he doesn't have to date me to get all of the benefits of a girlfriend. Yet I feel like he might go and talk to someone else because he is technically single. In about 2 weeks he is getting stationed at another base which is like 30-45 min from home. He keeps saying he wants to see me every weekend, go to movies, dinner, and do all the other things we do, and all that but I am not sure if he just wants to be friends or be together because I don’t like that he tells people were together and tells me we aren’t. I feel like after all these years I should know what he wants but I don’t.

I feel like at least he should know what he wants by now.


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  • if he wants to play the friend card, then keep doing that, but if someone comes along the way, that's his loss...you're a hopping girl for him right now on the fence between friendship and a relationship


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