How do I get my boyfriend to propose

My boyfriend and I have been together for about 11 months now. we moved in together about 2 months ago and I want to get married. how do I go about letting him know this and for him to propose


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  • Why hesitate to bring it up to hIm DIRECTLY and soon.the longer you let it fester the worse it may get. The sooner he knows this is what you want the sooner he will make up his mind, no?

    I know a lot of girls want the guy to propose without your prompting him but I think that's getting to be old fashioned.

    Woman are talking a more active role in every other aspect of social interaction so why not this one as well? That's probably his thinking.if she wants to get married she'll no doubt bring it up!

  • I think you should consider bringing this up to him yourself. After only 2 months he probably has not even asked himself the question. There will be no way for him to know what's on your mind at this point unless you bring it up directly. The sooner you tell him the less anxious you will be and probably he is wondering why you seem anxious now!

    So tell him! I know it's not traditional, but isn't it a little antiquated to insist on HIM being the one to ask?


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