Why should we be "faithful"?

Sooner or later in a relationship both parts will start feeling attracted to other people, but you don't get intimate because your partner don't allow you. It is like you are owned by your partner.

Why not be honest and understanding with each other and say, "I know it can be very tempting sometimes so if something happens it's no big deal"? Having sex with someone else does not necessarily mean you are not in love anymore.

Lets say you can't see each other for a few weeks, it would just be stupid to have that rule of having to turn down tempting opportunities with other people in order to be "faithful".


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  • It's called an open relationship/ open marriage, you're a bit behind on that one.

    • Yeah, I know about that, but exclusive relationships seem to be the norm where I live. That's why I asked the question, to hear some arguments why people want to be exclusive.

    • Meh, it's all to do with morals, insecurity and religion. 3 things humanity could do without.

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