He talks a lot about being engaged. I'm just wondering. Guys wanna help me out here?

my boyfriend and I have been together almost 10 months. well he talks a lot about being engaged and kisses my ring finger a lot. I don't know why he does it. I love the fact that we both want the same future, but if he's not going to ask me to marry him any time soon, so that we can be engaged for a while like I want to be, why would he bring up being engaged and constantly wanna kiss my ring finger all the time when he kisses on my hand.


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  • It's only been 10 months. Maybe he's saving money because if you're as demanding about your ring size as you are about the engagement time frame I'm assuming he's got a lot of pressure to live up to when it comes to the ring. You need to chill. You're lucky he's even talking about it. Most guys are super paranoid when it comes to that stuff.

    • Thanks. he said he wants to do it right & ask 4 permission 4rm my parents & everything. so why would he even bother to tell me?

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    • Maybe he's trying to reassure you that it's a definate consideration for the future so you don't go running off boyfriend he asks or something?

    • Sorry? Don't know what happened with the tail end of that answer?? lol

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