Promise ring for Christmas?

My boyfriend told me that he's going to get me a promise ring for Christmas. What happens when a guy gives you a promise ring? What kinda promise are they supposed to give? Any information on promise rings would be appreciated!


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  • he could promise:

    I will be faithful

    I will return

    I will keep a specific promise

    I love you

    I have intentions to marry you

    I will always be there for you

    I will save myself for you

    That's just a few though. Basicly its a ring you make a promise with. hence the name.


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  • promise ring is an informal semi-engagement ring or at least a promise "I will be faithful to you"'s cheesy, but a starting point to wherever your relationship currently stands

  • Usually a promise ring is a sign you are making a deeper commitment to your partner.

    Altho, telling you what you're getting for Xmas is pretty lame!


What Girls Said 1

  • It sounds like you mean a lot to him :) Promise rings are a symbolic gesture that this person is very special to you and the promise between you can be whatever is important to your relationship.

    Typically when a guy gives a girl a promise ring it means he loves you and is devoted to you, your the most important person in his life and he wants to be with you.

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