Why there are so many ads of Chinese marriage?

in Chinese sites there are haven't much ads like finding a foreign single...but I noticed that there has a lot here about Chinese marriage. before I met my Canadian boyfriend I haven't paid too much attention to these now I am wondering why

and I suddenly think of that my boyfriend told me he came to china to find a Chinese wife when we were just friend

i don't understand why the ads make china like a "wife market". what do you think about it? just because most Chinese women are willing to give birth and sort of more loyalty to their family?

well as to me before I met my boyfriend my life plan was to be a registered nurse in the us because there are American RN tests in hongkong, where is pretty near to my place. but now I wanna find a way to canada such as being an au pair.
just because my boyfriend lives there and cannot leave his work. nurses are not treated as well as in developing countries like the us&australia that's why I wanna go abroad originally but now after I saw so many ads I feel myself like a "wife" in "market


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  • China is only one of the available markets where you can "order a wife". Why do guys take this route? I'm no expert, but it seems like they have too many problems/issues in finding a girl where they live so it's easier to order a girl that will do anything and everything you ask.

    • If you really don't know, I think I should tell you that chinese women are no longer like that now. by the way you really want a girlfriend do whatever you asked? don't you say that would be so boring?

    • I didn't say that's what I wanted, I just said that's why I think some guys turn to mail-order wives.

      In essence, they are buying a wife to do what they want at any time. Just because the average Chinese woman is different doesn't mean there aren't still plenty who are willing to do anything to come to North America, Europe or where ever else these guys are.

    • Firstly I don't think that need any money when man guys wanna find chinese women on-line or come to visit china directly

      if there are some people buying a wife to do what you said, and they know those women are using marriage to immigrate, why they still wanna buy a wife which very likely to leave them after immigration?

      anyawy I just feel a little bad when I realize that I am one in this "market". maybe I am special to my boyfriend but, others' may get me wrong.

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  • As Jack says there's a bit of a immigration thing. Lots of people from developing countries are willing to go to great lengths to be able to emigrate to Europe, the US, etc,..

    Then Chinese girls are seen as more traditional. More wife-material than western women. They're seen as not only willing but they'd like to marry a guy older than them and to slot into a traditional gender roles. They're pretty too.

  • I always thought it was an immigration thing, lol.

    • I can understand if it's all immigration thing. what I curious is that why there are more chinese marrige ads in the sites out of china.

    • Well, you can't immigrate from china to china can you? Anyway, its company run, so they probably go and find Chinese girls who are up for it, and then just advertise, untill they're 'sold out'

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  • To migrate

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