What is he trying to relay by taking off the ring?

Me and this guy work at the same distribution center. We don't know each other real well, but had been flirting from time to time. He was wearing a wedding band on his RIGHT hand ring finger, so I really didn't want to go too far not knowing whether he was married, spouse died recently, etc.

I do not know the symbolism of it, other than I know he was married and has been divorced for 5 years. The marriage was supposedly very bad and also ended bad (no kids involved) is what I have heard others speak of. Supposedly this ring has either been on since the divorce or at least for quite some time.

So my question is...knowing this guy was not married, I ended up letting him know that I like him (post-it note in his locker). I never got a verbal response either way in regard to how he feels back, but received other signs that there may be interest there (friendlier, etc), although other days not much happening. So a month after he found out I liked him, he just stopped wearing the ring. May be related, may be coincidence. I do not know.

What is he trying to relay? Should I take that as a good sign?


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  • Ask him he knows, maybe he sold it off...


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  • Hi-

    What I think is that maybe he was wearing the ring to remind him of what he has been through-and to not go that route again-but his taking it off could mean that maybe he is ready to begin again at a new relationship with a new person...that could possibly be you. Hope it works out for the best!