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my boyfriend and I have been together for 7 years in November...he just signed a contract on a house and it closes in December. (we are both 21 btw)

He wants me to move in with him and I don't know what I should do. he says that marriage is in the near future and even though we aren't married he still calls it OUR house. he asks me my opinion on the location for our children that we will have (we have none now),he asks about decorations for the house, and the nitty gritty maintenance stuff like carpet or hardwood things like that. even when his parents were talking about helping remodel they always ask for my opinion.(his mom tho says shed rather us wait until we are married as well)

I always told myself that I wouldn't live with him before we were married (not because of the sex or anything because we have been sexually active for 4 years) so sex has nothing to do with it..

i pretty much just want the excitement of coming home after our honeymoon and moving into OUR new house (yes, I am an old fashioned romantic I suppose) that excitement is the only thing stopping me from moving in...is that dumb?

i know that none of you can actually tell me which way I should chose. but I was wondering if you guys and gals could offer me advice or stories of your experiences living with a boyfriend/girlfriend before marriage? thanks :)


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  • its all in your hands! you c you know he doesn't do anything wrong...and seriously I would trust a man like that...f he wanted to be with any1 else I think he would have been but I think he loves you! god girl its been 7 YEARS! not days not months but years...being to harsh on the guy and accusing him will let him wish to stay away..be cool! and breath and think b4 you start accusing! keep him close! he wants you and he loves u...its your prob and no1 can help you but yourself..AND DONT YOU LOSE SUCH A GUY :)


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  • have you done everything you wanted to do in life?...marriage slows things down a bit, especially when kids come into the picture...his mom is right


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  • I lived with soon to be exhusband for 6yrs before we got married...he was 21...i was 17...he is my first everything! we got married 2yrs ago and have an 8month old baby...he left me when she was only a newborn...its difficult...i think he got too comfortable with things the way they were just boyfriend/girlfriend and did not want to get married from the start..ever...i don't know why he prolonged ending the relationship...all I can say is ...its really difficult once you live together guys tend to get comfortable, and they almost always fear marriage which they see as such a high commitment...but you might be the exception...one never knows...
    i aggree with you old fashion ways are so much more romantic...once you live together...the excitement of marriage/honeymoon is not the same...but you will know exactly what you are getting into if you decide to tie the knot...
    good luck!