I want to ask should I carry with my current affair?

i am a girl, mad in love with a guy. he loves me too but he is not willing to marry me. I tried my level best to convince him, but he doesn't want to discuss this thing. I don't know how I have to handle this because it really hurts.

my problem is that I can't avoid this topic Marriage, I don't want him just for time pass.cant be OK without him and not even with him in this situation. deep inside I keep on feeling that am getting hurt even if I don't show him.

what should I do?

sometimes I think I should move on but the problem is that I can't even leave him. I can't think about any other person. I even tried but I got back to him because I don't like anyone other than my BF. I m so crazy about him, what am I supposed to do?


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  • Well, it would be more helpful if you tell us what reasons he cites for not marrying you?

    And what does he do for a living? Does he earn enough to support a family?

    • Ya he have got a quite well influence on his family

      he can make it if he wish to

      he doesn't want to marry because ho thinks " he doesn't have feeling to get married"

      it will spoil our love

      love marriage are not successful and such type of things

    • Well, I know it sounds harsh, but he's playing around with you.

      He probably knows how addicted you are to him and he's just taking advantage of it. I don't think he's ever going to marry you. But then, this is just my personal opinion.

    • Typical Pakistani girl...

  • Love/Marriage is two way, even if either one of them aren't interested, it won't work out. I guess he has other plans or may be he isn't just ready for a marriage, so let him go, there are many guys out there, easy for me to say, but I know it isn't an easy option for you, but that's how life is, we don't get everything we want that easily, so to summarize, I'd say, move on. Good Luck!


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