I didn't want to be the cause for her depression and anger? HELP! Need a woman's view! Men also if understood!

After 8 years and she moved out 10 days ago no fight just confused with life not going anywhere no marriage or children at 32 she text all week for stuff left answered and dropped off at her moms haven't seen her since last Tuesday when she took the rest of her stuff. Last night she text me again after sending me a text Wednesday about did I listen to always on my mind song. now last night was "How R U? and Will you please not hate me so much?" IM just not responding to her and have dropped off whatever asked what should I understand that IM not I just cut off all contact best for me and I thought her so she can start a new chapter in life. Never said I hated her just fell off the face of the earth. IM heartbroken but she's confusing I love her enough to give her what she wanted. I didn't want to be the cause for her depression and anger? HELP!


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  • she wants you to commit to marriage after 8 years. this is her "if he doesn't want me then ill find someone who will" behaviour

    • Vote my answer best and ill totally buy you a maserati

  • She has a life plan and you aren't fufulling it, she wants things family etc...