How to make him like me?

there's this guy that I've liked for a long and I want him to have the same feelings for me. What are things that guys are generally attracted to in females?and what are things I should definitely not do?


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  • I'm attracted to a strong girl who is independent and doesn't need a guy to make her happy. She's strong enough of a person to engage in intellectual conversation, she's respectful of others, open minded, and she knows what she wants out of life.

    Looks come second, and aren't that important compared to the person.

    I wouldn't be caught gossiping about people too much because that's a turn off, don't expect him to be the only one calling/txting/etc, and don't play too many mind games because that is a major turn off.

  • It varies from person to person. You cannot give a "formula" for what attracts "the male gender".


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