She got engaged.

I know I should be happy because *right now* he makes her happy...

Thing is, I'm not happy not even close, I'm angry, I'm upset! I want to hurt him for what he has done to her in the past. And most off all, I want to cry..

I never got a chance with her, I was a friend, nothing more. That what I always am. I always make the worst choice when picking the people I like. Whatever. It's beyond all that now..

Just someone that has had something like this happen to you, if there is anyone, tell me I'll eventually get over it. I've been in love with her since 2007. Even when she told me we were just friends I still couldn't get over her. It has to get easier sometime right?

I'm not even sure if that makes sense.. I'm still in shock is what I guess you would call it..


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  • I feel bad for you. If she is a bright girl, then I don't know why she is with

    him, if what he done in the past was really bad. she maybe just needs some-one

    to guide into the right direction. And you love her. Unfornautely she must love

    him to have accepeted his ring. I am not going to tell you straight get over

    her, cause it sounds like you really love her, but I always tell people to never

    give up hope, in your case it is a tough one. Two options I can give you. Accept the fact she is in love and engaged and try to get

    over her, for her sake and yours meet new girls. Sorry I know you did not want

    to hear that.. Just stand by her side

    at all times. Lend your shoulder when she needs you to support her. If she gets

    married with him and has issues with him, make sure you are there cause there

    may be a possibilty she may open her eyes and see that all along you were the

    guy for her. Now I don't want to get your hopes up. Sorry if

    this advice was crap. How bad is bad of what he done to her?

    • I do love her, with everything I've got. It's just not enough for her I guess. By the way he treated her before I mean mostly emotionally. Had he ever physically hurt her in anyway they would never have found his body.

      I will ALWAYS be there for her, it's just I don't think she wants me to be any more. The guy and I used to even be friends but that was many years ago and sadly people change. He changed for the worse in my opinion.

      I thank you for your advice.

    • I just never knew that a person could feel such anger and sadness at the same time. It's quite overwhelming.

    • So I think you should just be there for her as a friend if that's what she clearly stated you as.

      Well yeah just be there for her.

      All the best to you:)

  • To the question asker.

    Yesterday, I was trying to send you my answer down below. But it would not let me send you a message for some reason. I know you did not block me cause there is a high chance we don't know each other. But it may have been my computer or something.

    Sorry for the late reply:(


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