Guys, does it turn you off if a girl shows off her brains?

Whenever I say something showing I know what I'm or he is talking about, his jaw drops - literally, and all the chemistry seems to evaporate. This happens to me really often. It's not that I want to show off my knowledge, it's really just me taking part in the conversation, just because a good conversation is a real turn-on to me. But guys don't really seem to dig that, so far I only met very few guys that could "take it" if I was not pretending to be constantly surprised by what they were telling me.

Was I just unlucky with that or is it just a turn-off to most of you guys?


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  • I actually enjoy the company of highly intelligent women (meaning no disrespect to average girls). If a girl can engage in deep conversation and make good solid arguments then I respect that. If I'm already attracted to a girl, being smart only makes her more appealing. If I'm not, her intelligence probably won't make me attracted to her but it will increase my respect for her as a person.

    I think there are guys out there that feel intimidated when a girl shows superiority to him in some way. That's a sweeping generalization, I know, but I do think that it exists. It might be that you're a woman of above average intelligence talking to men of average or low intelligence. That's just my hypothesis though, take it with a grain of salt.

    • I'm suprised every time this happens, I'm a student and this even happened when I hung around with guys that had already graduated - so I think it mostly comes down to a lack in self-confidence.

      I tried to play dumb but I couldn't and I guess it's better this way, because otherwise I wouldn't be able to find a guy that actually digs me for who I am.

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  • There are very few things more sexy than a women with brain that can use here head and think independently I kid you not.

    Inteligence is a gift. So show it off as much as you can.

    So to answer your question NO it is NOT a turn off! Don't ever think that!



    • Good to hear that. :)

  • girls should always be as dumb as rocks

  • Brains are hot, I can't stand to date stupid girls.


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  • i had the same problem! and my crush didn't take it very well, he seemed p*ssed off and annoyed =[

    • Sometimes they just flat out ignored me, some seemed to be actually scared of me...did your crush get over it?

    • Not really he lost interest

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