How do you know if a guy likes you?

OK so I guess this is for guys and girls but what are signs that a guy likes you? and I mean like as in a crush


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  • Depending on the guy.

    Shy, more likely sensitive, guys:

    1. Look at you when he thinks your not looking, then turn away.

    2. Remember some of the smallest details of things you've told him in past conversations.

    3. If you ask him even for simple favors, he'll do them without question.

    4. He'll search you out if you're in a crowd.

    Confident, maybe less sensitive, guys:

    1. Look at you in the eye

    2. Talk to you, not at you.

    3. Try to touch you without covering it up with a lame reason

    4. Ask you out.

    If a guy doesn't like you he will:

    1. Ignore you

    2. Pretend that he's flirting with you. (Happens very often)

    3. He will never catch you looking at him

    4. Will most likely be able to say things to you commonly and usually.


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  • They'll look at you for an extended time period very interested. They'll try to touch you. They'll engage in long conversation. They'll smile at the little things you do, which they won't even react to when another girl does it. They'll give compliments too.

  • Hmmm like when you start flirting and saying cute and nice things to a girl :)

  • guys are quite straight with signs they show ,if you caught him staring at you or making deep eye contacts ,then he is into you


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