How do I go about this?

My boyfriend and I are talking about marriage & he said that he would propose by the end of the year...which is inching closer everyday-it's kinda soon...

We have yet to go ring shopping & I know his mom wants him to incorporate his grandma's diamond into the ring, but shouldn't we be looking already? or is it possible he's already planning everything out?

How do I drop the hint that I want to choose one? or at least make a couple of suggestions of what I like? How do I get him to take me ring shopping! I have less than two months! lol

well, I have to go out of town this weekend & he doesn't have to work, so I asked him what he was going to do...& I told him I wanted him to look at the apartments we were considering, but he said he was going to be going ring hunting instead!


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  • Some men like my hubby,want to plan it all, being able to surprise ask you, when you least expect it. If you go ring shopping together then you kinda expect it and know what's coming and there is not as much surprise to it. My hubby pick out a ring I never would have thought to be what I wanted , although I gave him hints at what I liked, he chose well, and maybe its not the one I would have chosen for myself but it means more to me because HE picked the ring he wants to see on my Finger for the rest of our lives. He CHOSE the ring just like he CHOSE to spend his life with me.

    Make suggestions on what you like, grab a magazine and say oooohhhh I love the way this one looks or I'd really love a marquise style diamond or I prefer white gold to yellow gold...Just grab a sale paper from a store or look online and casually mention it...

    Sounds to me like he wants to be the one to choose and wants the whole surprise element. Trust me when he gets down on one knee to propose , there could be a gumball ring in that box and you won't care, you would wear it with pride and show it off to the world because he picked it special just for you!

    • Haha totally! & I want him to pick...I just want to make "suggestions" as to what I like...I like smaller, yet more stylish rings. I don't know...I'm just excited about the whole thing & that's awesome! Thanks for your answer!

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  • My best advice is to grab a catalog of rings from a jeweler or a company you like and go through it or be reading it when he comes home (presuming you don't work or you get home before he does) and invite him to sit with you and go through it together casually. Point out things you like and let him point things he likes. I find that one works about 90% of the time.

    You could always go for the direct route and tell him you want to go ring shopping together or simply drag him into a jewelry store the next time you two are at the mall or otherwise. Hope you find a solution that works for you and good luck!

    • Thank you...this weekend he should be pretty available & I will suggest to him that we go "shopping"...possibly my parents will watch my son while we go....but I have showed him a catalog...not the contents, but I opened the mailbox & found a helzberg cat & was like, "what? they sent this to me instead of you by mistake" lol. thank you& I hope so!!

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  • lol when your in the mall or something when you walk past a ring shop and a jewelry store, glance at the ring your really like, say "woah how good is this ring" or somefin else lol drag him inside and then try to find a ring oyu like lol

    no sure if it'll help though lol its pretty good idea though :P

  • Lol well congratulations in advance! But depending on the guy, he might just really want to surprise you with it. If he's close enough to one of your friends maybe you can show your friend what you like so that she can pass it along and give him an idea. I think it's more special than if you tell him the exact ring you want. I'm sure you'll love whatever he picks though. I agree with cajundani. The fact that he's the one picking it out gives it that much more meaning. And when he finally does give it to you, you'll love it for what it symbolizes.