How can I hint I'm ready for marriage without being a pest?

we've been together for over 4 years, and we have talked about it and about having children. I want a long engagement though and I want to get proposed to soon, but not married for another 2-4 years. What words can I use to tell him I'm waiting but not be pushy


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  • i don't know I'm still pretty young

    but if I'm going to assume that she would say stuff about

    having a family with kids

    moving in together

    asking me to go look at rings with her

    and some how she'd slip in the word marriage twice a day or so. untill I got the hint =/

    just things that sounded like she wants to get everything set with me.

    but I'm only 19 push 20. that's not my field ... yet haha

    i hope I helped tho...


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